Essential Subway Surfers Power-ups

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular and addictive mobile games in the world, and part of its success is due to the various power-ups that players can use to enhance their performance. These "power-ups" not only make the game more exciting but also allow you to accumulate more points and coins.

In this tutorial, we will explore what power-ups are in Subway Surfers, how they work, and how you can increase their effectiveness to take your game to the next level.

What are the Power-Ups in Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers, power-ups are tools that help you improve your performance and achieve higher scores. Each power-up has a specific function and can be upgraded to increase its duration and effectiveness.


The Jetpack is one of the most popular power-ups. It allows you to fly over trains and obstacles for a limited time, collecting coins in the air. It is ideal for quickly accumulating coins and avoiding crashes.

Super Sneakers

Super Sneakers let you jump higher than usual, which is useful for avoiding obstacles and reaching coins that would otherwise be inaccessible. However, they require some practice to use effectively, as they can make your movements unpredictable.

Coin Magnet

The Coin Magnet attracts all nearby coins to you while it is active, without the need to move towards them. It is perfect for maximising your coin earnings during a run.

2x Multiplier

The 2x Multiplier doubles your score for a limited time. If you manage to combine it with other power-ups, you can accumulate an impressive amount of points in a short time.

Score Booster

The Score Booster increases your score multiplier permanently during the run. It is ideal for players looking to beat their personal records.


The Headstart allows you to start the run at high speed with a significant head start, which is very useful for avoiding early obstacles and focusing on collecting coins and points.

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The Hoverboard gives you extra protection against crashes. Activating a hoverboard ensures you do not lose the run on the first crash, giving you a second chance without losing momentum.

How to Upgrade Power-Ups in Subway Surfers?

To get the most out of the power-ups in Subway Surfers, it is crucial to learn how to increase their duration and effectiveness. Here’s how you can do it:

Upgrade Power-Ups

In the game store, you can use the coins you collect during runs to upgrade your power-ups. Each power-up has several upgrade levels, and each upgrade increases the power-up's effect duration. Investing in upgrading these power-ups is one of the most effective ways to improve your performance in the game.

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Complete Missions and Objectives

Completing daily and weekly missions and objectives will reward you with coins and power-ups. These challenges are an excellent way to accumulate additional resources to upgrade your power-ups.

Use Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes contain a variety of prizes, including power-ups and coins. Make sure to collect them whenever you can, as they are an effective way to get upgrades without spending coins directly.

Participate in Special Events

Subway Surfers regularly hosts special events that offer power-ups and other exclusive rewards. Participating in these events is not only fun but can also give you a significant advantage in your progress.

Strategies for Using Power-Ups Effectively

Knowing how and when to use your power-ups is essential to maximise their impact. Here are some strategies to make the most of them:

Combine Power-Ups

Using power-ups in combination can take your scores to new heights. For example, activating the 2x Multiplier along with the Coin Magnet will allow you to double the number of coins you collect, maximising both your points and earnings.

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Save Power-Ups for Critical Moments

Instead of using your power-ups as soon as you collect them, save them for moments when you really need them. For example, the Jetpack can be more useful in a difficult section full of obstacles, while Super Sneakers are ideal for jumping over moving trains.

Activate Hoverboards Wisely

The Hoverboard is a valuable resource that can save you in critical situations. Make sure to always have one activated when approaching complicated sections of the game to avoid losing the run due to an unexpected crash.

Common Mistakes When Using Power-Ups

Even the most experienced players can make mistakes when using power-ups. Here are some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them:

Using Power-Ups Indiscriminately

Activating power-ups without a clear strategy can lead to wasting them. Learn to identify the most beneficial moments to use them and maximise their effectiveness.

Ignoring Upgrades

Not investing in upgrading your power-ups is a mistake that can cost you dearly. Whenever you have enough coins, head to the store and upgrade your power-ups to extend their duration and potency.

Forgetting to Collect Coins and Mystery Boxes

Coins and mystery boxes are essential for progressing in the game. Do not focus so much on the obstacles that you forget to collect these valuable resources.

Mastering the use of power-ups in Subway Surfers is key to achieving impressive scores and enjoying the game even more. By following these tips and strategies, you will be well on your way to becoming an expert in using power-ups and maximising your performance in every run. Good luck and keep surfing the rails!

  1. What are the Power-Ups in Subway Surfers?
    1. Jetpack
    2. Super Sneakers
    3. Coin Magnet
    4. 2x Multiplier
    5. Score Booster
    6. Headstart
    7. Hoverboard
  2. How to Upgrade Power-Ups in Subway Surfers?
    1. Upgrade Power-Ups
    2. Complete Missions and Objectives
    3. Use Mystery Boxes
    4. Participate in Special Events
  3. Strategies for Using Power-Ups Effectively
    1. Combine Power-Ups
    2. Save Power-Ups for Critical Moments
    3. Activate Hoverboards Wisely
  4. Common Mistakes When Using Power-Ups
    1. Using Power-Ups Indiscriminately
    2. Ignoring Upgrades
    3. Forgetting to Collect Coins and Mystery Boxes

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